Yiannis Melanitis

artist, Greek, b.1967, Athens, Greece

Vice-Rector for International Relations and Extroversion, Associate Professor, ASFA

Phd Candidate (NTUA)

MA Digital Arts (ASFA)

URL: http://www.melanitis.com

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yiannis_Melanitis

Academia. edu: http://asfa.academia.edu/YiannisMelanitis

email: imelanitis@gmail.com

academic: gmelanitis@asfa.gr

tel: +30- 6973 744737

Athens School of Fine Arts, C' Sculpture Lab : +30- 210- 4801227

ASFA 3D Lab : +30- 210- 4801235


short CV


Y. Melanitis is an artist, theorist, and Associate Professor at ASFA. Melanitis' work initiastes from a conceptualization on the strategies of contemporary art. Recent works focuses on the role of code and information in the arts, considering INFORMATION AS THE NEW CONCEPTUALIZATION. Latest example is his gene micro-injected into the butterfly named Leda Melanitis for the creation of a transgenic, adult butterfly breed; see "Leda Melanitis" at the MACRO MUSEUM, Rome.

He derives from philosophy, epistemology, and criticism to construct artworks which embody questions on the "provenance" of ideas, probability, and the "art of new informational distributions in nature". Political speech and philosophy arising from machines and computers, render humans to mere 'watchers' or envisage new roles to society. Melanitis attempts to prognosticate that even official, state structures of dialectics that will be produced in the future may derive from self-programming AI computers. He presents works of interactive dialectics through the computer, which fabricate a philosophical dialogue with the public, remodelling the art of rhetoric through calculation (i.e. in the work "Random Rhetoric" for Ars Electronica 2020).

In other series of artworks, he references the mechanics of speech with the concept of the alienation of logic from the human as its inward administrator.

His artworks include installations, performances, bioartworks, theoretical texts, critique, poems, code-based web artworks, sculptures, oil paintings and drawings. Early works since 1999 included robotic and coding art, bioart and virtual spaces.

Oil paintings and sculptures recast linkages between philosophy, language and politics. The oil paintings, often dysmorphic, designate linkages between the comical, humorous and political camouflage during the mimetic act of portraiture. Since 1998, he has initiated art of robotics and bioart projects in Greece.

Melanitis has published essays on art and philosophy in English and Greek. His Greek texts are translated into English, Russian, Italian, Korean, Chinese.

Yiannis Melanitis holds degrees in painting, sculpture and digital arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts and is presently a PhD candidate at the School of Architecture, (NTUA) with a thesis entitled: Biological Dynamics in Art.

Exhibited in Austria, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, the UK, Portugal, Switzerland, the US, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Greece. Latest work presentations include Ars Electronica 2020, MACRO Museum (Rome); at the National Museum of Brazil; the Biblioteque of Brazil; Museu D. Diogo de Sousa, Braga, Portugal; the Tongeren Museum and Praetorium, Belgium, N.York MIT PRESS.Works acquired by HUG, Geneva, "Collection R", Belgium (exhibited in Sofacqgallery, Belgium), the Civic Museum of Crema and private collections.

His texts have been published among others by Parkview Museum China, 1st AICA Conference Italia, Nova24 neewspaper Italy, NOEMA journal, MIT Media Lab, DCAC-2023 Conference, Days of Art magazine, S+T+Arts, Ars ELectronica, CYFEST Russia, Lomonosov University, Museo Civico di Crema e del Cremasco- Italy, Artonworld magazine, POSTERINTERFACE MAGAZINE, CLOT magazine,TWIXLab, DIGICULT, New York University- Silver Center for Arts and Science, Pisa University, Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence. 

Critical analysis of his work by art- historians, curators and art critics includes Elena Giulia Rossi, Qinyue Liu, Carmelita Brunetti, Christiana Kazakou, Christopher Coleman, Gabrielle Romeo, Mario Savini, Seung-Chol Shin, Magdalena Lange, Pier Luigi Capucci and Giorgio Cipolletta, Assimina Kaniari, S. Goudouna, Federica Fontana, Silvia Scaravaggi, and Camilla Latini.


As a subject of criticism, his work is included in international books-editions as "Art Tomorrow" (Ed.L.Smith), Leonardo MIT, Lomonosov Moscow University, by Seung-Chol Shin, Assimina Kaniari, Mario Savini , Elena Giulia Rossi among others.

Yiannis Melanitis has been a member of the Delphi Society.


Catalogues online :



videos : http://www.melanitis.com/videos.html

conceptual texts: http://www.melanitis.com/worksconcept.htm


Studies- Academic positions

Born 1967 in Athens, lived in Paros till 1974. Since then he lives and works in Athens.

Elected as a Lecturer at Sculpture Deptm. of Athens School Fine Arts on 2010, as an Assistant Professor on May 2016 and as an Associate Professor on June 2022.

He is a Phd candidate (2005) at the School of Architecture, NTUA, Athens.

2002-2010: teaching as a collaborator of the Sculpture Dept., Athens School of Fine Arts and at the School of Architecture as a Phd Fellow (2007).

1999 Postgraduate Degree in " Digital Forms of Art ", Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Athens.

1997-98 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, at Yiannis Kounellis class

1996 Athens School of Fine Arts,BA with Honors, sculpture, degree Athens, prof. G. Lappas.

1993 Athens School of Fine Arts, painting degree, Athens.

1987-88 School of Pharmaceutics, Thessaloniki



Personal Exhibitions

2018 MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art , Rome/ Arte Transgenica/exhibition of Leda Melanitis

2016 Kryographia/ Correspondances for a Dead Writer, Museu D. Diogo de Sousa, Braga, Portugal [KRYOGRAPHIA Correspond?ncias Para um Escritor Morto]

2015 Hunter of Light/ Hermes tychomachos , DepoDarm Ahens

2012 THE GEOMETRY OF RETORICS, Manifesta9 parallel events,GALO-ROMAN MUSEUM, Tongeren, Belgium, September 22-23nd (catalogue in english) / press release

2012 HERMES SOLITAIRE exhibition, Praetorium Tongeren, Manifesta9 parallel events, Belgium 22 September -5 October

2012 QUARRIER HERMES, Marathi ancient marble quarry, Paros, Greece

2012 Kryographia at Museu Nacional, Brasilia / National Museum, Brasilia, 28/03- 30/04 2012 Ilhas do Corpo, Biblioteque National de Brasilia, 1 - 15 March 2012

2011 AN IMAGINARY MUSEUM OF AN IMAGINARY ARTIST /NAO ME TOQUE, Biblioteque National de Brasilia , October 6th to October 27th

2011 Kryographia/ On the Way Towards Iceland, with M. Aloupi (piano), with musical composition by A. Diktyopoulos, performed at Megaron, Thessaloniki Concert Hall.[ Link2 link3]

2010 Kryographia, The Conductivity of Writing, ABOUT, Athens, [catalogue in engl.] / For Kryographia concept, also see Kryologia book and Kryographia image catalogue

Ulysses As Faust, E31Gallery, Athens, February 08.

2006 Dans Le Jardin d Epicure/ Les elements comme des metaphors, at the Psychiatric Hospital of Geneva, (Hopitaux Universitaires de Geneve), Switzerland, March 2006, [catalogue in French and Greek, text by Y. Melanitis],

2005 'The Diffusion of the elements, at D624, Athens


Public performances:

"If You Cannot Be An Owl, Masquerade Like A Butterfly, "three acts of rapid poetry"/ Isola di San Michele: Cimitero, Venezia, GPS: 45°26'48.0"N 12°20'48.8"E, San Michele, 30121, 30100 Venezia VE, 24 October 2019, Italy

"Liver- pen- eat", performance on Joyce, Athens 2018


Group Exhibitions

2021 Dante Comical at the permanent collection of Museo Civico di Crema e del Cremasco, Italy.

2021 Entropia Democratia at "Collection R" (exhibited in Sofacqgallery, Belgium)

2020   Ars Electronica, "Random Rhetoric", interactive installation, Keplers Gardens, Linz, Austria, S+T+ARTS/ European Commission, (english catalogue)

2019  LE MOINDRE GESTE, Besançon

2017 Learning by earning, hosted by Documenta 14, Athens and Kassel: July 11th, 2017 - KMMN - (@ Interim) - Kulturbahnhof

2017 Platforms, Athens

2017 Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki/ ?ΗΕ RIGHT TO BE HUMAN

2017 Muses, House of Cyprus, Athens

Contemporaries: 2015-1976, curated by Christoforos Marinos, ART-ATHINA'15


Manipulation, DEPO DARM Gallery, April 2015, Athens

Posthuman Corporealities and Interactive Participatory Virtual Art, Galeria da A. da India, Portugal, 2014

Human Rights and the Right to be Human, ASFA, Athens, April 2014 [cat. engl-greek]

ART-ATHINA'14, Entropia Democratia at platforms, [ARTATHINA cat., page 140] May 2014

ASF, ART ans SCIENCE, Gazi, Athens, April 2014

ART-ATHINA 2011, represented by ABOUT Gallery, 12 May 2011

EPEKEINA, curated by Theophilos Tramboulis, Municipality of Athens, 6 May 2011

Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, Lo and Behold stand, 18 - 20 February 2011.

Naked Truth, Fryssiras Museum, Athens, 13-10-2010 - 27-02-2010

ART-ATHINA, participation with E31 Gallery, -2010

ART-ATHINA, project PAGANISM curated by Th. Moutsopoulos


2009 Delphi is the place to meet: 12 artists on Joseph Beuys, Hellenic American Union, Greece

2008 Silent Dialogues, The American College of Greece, Athens 2008 ElectroMediaWorks 08, Athens

2007 Dermatographies, group exhibition organized by Y. Melanitis and A. Karastergiou, A. Syggros Museum of Wax Moulages, (cat. in English and Greek, 238 pages). Athens, presenting The Land of Inactivity, performed by Aliki Germanou, musical composition by A. Diktyopoulos

2007 Energy, group exhibition with the Energy Group, Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki. 2007 ART-ATHINA, RESTART, participating with E31 Gallery.

2007 On Performance Art, BIOS, Nausicaa/ The Land of Virginity (The Land of noman part3), performed by Aliki Germanou,sound synthesis by A. Diktyopoulos

2007 UNFAIR, Imperial Hotel, Molly-Penelope-Bloom ( The Land of Noman part4), performed by K. Papageorgiou, sound synthesis by A. Diktyopoulos

2006 Monaco Dance Forum, Touch Terrain multi-user interactive environment.

2006 A4, Codra project in Thessaloniki, organised by A. Potamianou, presenting Dog of my Enemy, a ballpoint drawing on a Ulysses printout, September 06

2006 Scenic-costumes for The Touch of Zeus of director E. Pitta, based on Iannis Xenakis Diatope music/ La Legende d Eer, Eyrypidion Theater, Athens, September 2006

2006. Zeugma, group exhibition, Rethymnon Museum of Modern Art, RCA, 2006 (cat. English Greek),http://www.geocities.com/melanitis2004/zeugma.html

2006 In the Light of our Times, curating the group exhibition and participating with the work 'Prometheus at the Athens Academy', also with the curatorial text 'in the light of our times' , "Vosnia 2006

2005 Generative Art exhibition with the work The Garden and lecture "Biological dynamics in performance space" (bio-performance), Milano, December 2005

2005 "Mostra SESC de Artes-Mediterraneo" in the SESC Vila Mariana, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 18 - 28 August., presenting Pleasure machine video

2005 Group exhibition dedicated to Y. Halepas, presenting Anti-oedipus sculpture in plaster and a clay sculpture, , July-September 05, Tinos, Greece

2005 Rebirth, Eugenidio Foundation, 4-15 June, presenting the Garden interactive performance (performed by the artist and I.Myrka)

2005 Videoart, Athens School of Fine Arts, The Factory, video-screeinings 13-17/ 4 / 2005 2005, Photosynkyria, curated by T. Moutsopoulos, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece , presenting a large -scale print [237.62 x 99 cm ] , simulation of The Garden performance

2004, GENERATIVE ART CONFERENCE 13-14-15-16 December 2004, Politecnico di Milano University

2004, Machinista festival, presenting "Prometheus" performance with Samantha Mac Gregor, Glasgow

2004, An exhibition for Cyprus, Municipality of Athens, with the work "Political Twins" (Installation with two dogs inside the exhibition space), drawings and a video projection of the video-work "Political Twins', April 2004, Athens

2004, "ArtNow", group exhibition, presenting two sculptures," Oedipus_himself" and "yps", Athanassiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki

2003,"Antisoma" exhibition, curated by M.Fokidou, presenting "Prometheus/Hysterical Duet', an interactive performance with the artist Marianna Ranis, including originally designed software (real time voice synthesis) and a hexapod robot, Athens Academy, October 03

2003, "Sculpture you love", group exhibition,with the ceramic sculpture "Mutant Sphinx", Lab Gallery, Athens, February 03

2003, "Prometheus/Hysterical Duet", an interactive performance with the artist Dimitra Vantzou, including originally designed software (real time voice synthesis) and a hexapod robot, Kourzoum Djami,Trikala, January 03

2002, MONACO DANCE FORUM, Dance and Technology Festival, presenting the interactive performance/ multi-user choreographic environment "Pleasure Machine/Blind date", with the dancer Isabelle Valverde ,at Grimaldi Forum, Monaco, December 02

2002, Medi@terra 2002, 4th International Art and Technology Festival, New Platforms of Spectacle, Communication and Resistance, with the video-projection of the performance "Animal Accessories', 6-15 December 02

2002, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, for the 2nd International Conference "Ecological Dynamics and Human Nature-The risk of a mass extinction of life on the planet", at the section "Progress and Developments in Physical Sciences, Technology and Biology', curated by Th. Moutsopoulos with the sculpture e Mutant Sphinx' and drawings with ballpoint pen on transparent paper, September 02, Delphi, Greece

2002, International Workshop for European Artists, Culture 2000 with the work "Political Twins" (Installation with two dogs inside the exhibition space), drawings and a video projection of the videowork "Political Twins', August 2002, Larnaka, Cyprus.2002

2002, Regards Projetes, art video dans les Balkans, curated by Dodo Santorineos, (exhibition presented in France,Greece, Bulgarie, Allemagne, Moldavie, Roumanie, Belgique.), cat. Apollonia, 90 pages,edited in Strasbourg

2002, 'Living inside', presenting the performance Animal Accessories, curating by Katerina Gregos, Athens, March 02 2001, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Interactive web-performance CTerra Ingognitai(a telerobotic piece) for the X International

Festival of Performance Art: Life in Another Planet, Mexico City,curated by Karina Alvarado,October 01

2001, Media@Terra Festival, De-Globalizing / Re-Globalizing, presenting Bio-robotic symbiosis installation at the International Book festival, Frankfurt Germany, October 01. The "micro Museum" travelled to: September 14 - October 15, 2001, Lavrion & Athens, Greece/ Sofia & Plovdiv, Bulgaria/Maribor, Slovenia/ Frankfurt, Germany. http://www.mediaterra.org and http://www.fournos-culture.gr

2001, Deste Foundation, " Images Beyond the Naked Eye", presenting the video-work "The artist as a bird", October 01. http://www.deste.gr

2001, presenting "Pleasure Machine" at the multimedia installation Blue Stage in the House of World Cultures, Berlin,an installation treating the two main topics urbanism and Mediterranean culture, August 18th, Berlin, Germany 2001. http://www.archi-me-des.de/blue-space/index.html

2001, Art Club, Cultural center of Contemporary Art, "Art against Leukaemia", Thessaloniki

2000, New York Digital Salon, "Pleasure Machine", November 00, N.York The 8th New York Digital Salon in Madrid : 1/ Circulo de Bellas Artes (January 19 - February 6), 2/ Gijon (February 15 - March 19)

2000, Athens School of Fine Arts, Digital Art Lab, works 99-00, Athens

2000 Art +Technology at the Library of Athens School of Polytechnics, Athens

1999 Mediaterra Festival, interactive web performance "Pleasure Machine", Athens

1999 Richard Anderson Fine Arts, "Predictable Lab" , New York

1999 "Interface", Gazi, Athens, curated by Th.Moutsopoulos

1999 Do you want to see my room?, Ileana Tounta Center for Contemporary Art,Athens.(cat. Greek-English)

1999 Group exhibition of Greek Artists, Ileana Tounta Center for Contemporary Art,Athens

1999 Videoformes "Electronic Village", Clermont Ferrant , France.(cat. Turbulences Video/ Art actuel no 23)




Conferences - presentations

latest: 2024 Invited speaker at the EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES AND ARTS, https://euro-acad.eu/, April 2024

2023 1st AICA CONFERENCE, ITALIA INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF STUDIES ON THE STATE OF ART CRITICISM: DYNAMIC UPDATES, 5-6 May, @Accademia Albertina – TORINO. Salone dOnore allAccademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino

2023 5th international conference “Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science” , September 27-29, 2023 in Valletta, Malta.

DCAC-2023 Conference, “ Artificial Intelligence and the Agelast/ Iconopoeia of the mechanistic humor”, Corfu.

2023, 6th Bio Summit, MIT, "A work of inserting a human gene in a butterfly species, Leda melanitis", January 27-29,

2022 International Conference on Cultural Heritage, Cyprus https://www.onassis.org/el/whats-on/smart-agri-cultures-for-sustainable-futures?fbclid=IwAR2LADpTH37fRyyCmFUOMAs_T-wreuB0cT8grpJhXCAa9pN1c4YW6e6Am-4">Smart Agri-Cultures for Sustainable Futures", Kickoff Event S+T+Arts Forum, S+T+Arts,STEGI ONASSIS FOUNDATION

2020, TABOO - TRANSGRESSION - TRANSCENDENCE in Art & Science, Austria , Hiding Art, Hiding Codes and the Comic Strategies of Total Disappearing

2017 Interdisciplinary Conference TABOO - TRANSGRESSION - TRANSCENDENCE in Art & Science, 26-28 May 2017, Ionian University, Corfu Greece [http://avarts.ionio.gr/ttt/2017/en/]

2014 Vesalius Continuum Zakynthos, 4-8 Sept 2014

2009 Democracy in Motion, Athens School of Fine Arts, a collaboration with Goethe Institute of Athens, October 09

2008 Science and Art, Lecture entitled"Art and biological phenomena/ Beauty as we have never seen before", Athens , Physics Association

2008 ISEA2008: 14th International Symposium on Electronic Art, "Generating Virtual Environments for Playful Touch Interactions: TOUCH TERRAIN" presented by Valverde and Melanitis"paper in pdf

2001, ART 3000, "The added soul", 4th edition of the General Assembly on Interactive Writing 23 and 24 November, France.

2001 International Science Fiction Conference "Biotechnological and Medical Items in Science Fiction", presenting: "Biorobotic environments, interactions and hyperhumans: Interactive robotic performances exploring the potentials of an unknown space towards the potential of a renewed anatomy ", Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, 18-21 October, [http://sun.enl.auth.gr/sfgr/]

Conferences (attendance)

2022, Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law, European Parliament, Fourth Edition of The Athens Roundtable, Brussels. 2022, Greek Culture in the Digital Public Space and Europeana.



Lectures (selection)

2019, “LEDA MELANITIS”,  TWIXTlab, Athens

2019,   J. BEUYS,From Sculpture to Politics, ASFA

2017, The artist as host, ASFA Lecture series, convenor A. Kaniari

2016,  Αrt and Education, ARTATHINA

2015, FROM BAUHAUS TO BIOART, Athens School of Fine Arts, organised by A.Kaniari

2015 Chance. Resistance to the art object-the resistance of the art object/ A discussion./ Athens School of Fine Art, , organised by A.Kaniari

2005 "Ritual and performance", lecture at the Deptm. of Theatrical Studies, School of Philosophy, Athens ,16 May

2005 Generative Art Conference, "Biological dynamics in performance space, Milano, 15 December 2006 Bioart, Biological Dynamics in Art , Lecture at the Athens School of Fine Arts, February 06.

2008 "The Human Body as a Sculptural Entity in Motion", workshop Athens School of Fine Arts

2009 , Hellenic American Union , "Joseph Beuys and the Greek antiquity". 2009 Democracy in Motion, Athens School of Fine Arts, October

2009 Art and politics, BRIDGES, 14/11/2009, Patras. November 2009, (PATRA TV) 2011 Kryographia/ On the Way Towards Iceland, Megaron, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, PHOTOBIENALLE

2011 Videoconferencia com Yiannis Melanitis (Grecia) & Geert Vermeire (Belgica): Nao me toque, 10/10/2011 - 2? feira - Auditorio da BNB, Biblioteca Nacional de Brasilia Setor Cultural Sul, lote 2 - Esplanada dos Ministerios

2011 Videoconferencia com Yiannis Melanitis (Grecia): Bio-performance and (public) space,Biblioteca Nacional de Brasilia Setor Cultural

2011 Videoconferencia com Yiannis Melanitis (Grecia) & Geert Vermeire (Belgica): Kryographia/a, condutividade da escrita (Museu Nacional Brasilia, fevereiro 2012,,Biblioteca Nacional de Brasilia Setor Cultural

2011 Videoconferencia com Stefaan van Biesen & Geert Vermeire (the Milena principle, Belgica) e Yannis Melanitis (Grecia): Approaching Silence / a project to promote the qualities of silence in an urban context (Athens, 2011-2012), ,Biblioteca Nacional de Brasilia Setor Cultural

2012 Congresso Saramago 90 anos Fundacao Saramago Lisboa, Hy-Brasil, Fundacao Saramago 2014 The system of metaphores/ Joyce and the corporeality of the text, ASFA Theory and texts Ulysses as faust, 2008

In the direction of defining an artistic context through biogenetic terms, 2007

A4, Stephens Dog Digging the Beach, (after James Joyce s Ulysses) 2007 Terra Incognita: A multimedia and robotics interactive performance, 2002



Published texts / Journals

Random Rhetoric, I. Melanitis in Ars Electronica S+T+ARTS with MADE group. REGIONAL STARTS CENTERS.

2022, NOEMA journal, Melanitis, Ioannis. "Artificial Intelligence and the Agelast. Iconopoeia of the Mechanistic Humor"

CYFEST-13, Leda Melanitis, Saint Petersburg, Russia,[catalogue rus-eng] 2022.

"Living sculptures. Utmost spaces of philosophy" / Oron Catts and Ioannis Melanitis in a discussion about philosophy, bioart and the SymbioticA team / Y. Melantis / Oron Catts at Days_of_Art printed issue, spring 2022, pp.97-103,#14. DIGICULT: TRA PITTURA E INTELLIGENZA ARTIFICIALE/ BETWEEN PAINTING AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, curator Silvia Scaravaggi, [it, eng]

Interview to C. Brunetti for Artonworld magazine N3, (italian and english text), 2021

Article on Melanitis paitings and AI in the italian newspaper Sun 24 Hours - N òva 24, by M.Savini, 2021. ["L'artista Melanitis all'opera con l'assistente filosofica Circe", Nòva - Il Sole 24 Ore, N. 146, p. 14, 30 maggio 2021]

Interview to C.Kazakou, POSTINTERFACE magazine, 2020 (pdf link)

Days of Art magazine,The bioethics of Βio-Art / A few ideas from Bio-informatics, (eng-greek), 2021

ARTE TRANSGENICA / LA VITÀ È IL MEDIUM, text by Federica Fontana and  M.Savini, italian, 2019

https://noemalab.eu, A census on transgenic art, Noemalab.eu, 2019

CLOT magazine, MARIO SAVINI, enriching the bio-ethical debate in the field of biomedia , 2019

Interview to Mario Savini (phd thesis of Mario Savini 2017 (IT-EN)/

ARSHAKE MAGAZINE, Arte transgenica. Intervista di Mario Savini a Yiannis Melanitis,


ON LEDA MELANITIS, ART, NATURE, SCIENCE AND LIFE. Yiannis Melanitis interviewed by art critic Mario Savini, POSTERINTERFACE MAGAZINE, 2016/


Transgenic art: Creativity in the era of genetic engineering,
Authors: Mario Savini , Editor Roy Ascott, Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research, Pier Luigi Capucci, Giorgio Cipolletta (eds. ISSN: 1477965X, Volume 15 Issue 2

ΑDA, Archive of Digital Art

DNA as art storage medium, New Media Artists' Personal Preservation Practices (Part 2): Connections And Gaps Between Artists' And Institutions' Preservation Efforts, Qinyue Liu, Arts Management and Technology Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, 2020



Selected Texts written by Yiannis Melanitis

Hiding Art, Hiding Codes and the Comic Strategies of Total Disappearing

Ars Electronica-Lifescience, SEPE magazine, No11, June 00 [gr]

"Stelarc, The Obsolete Body",interview to Yiannis Melanitis in Englsih/Greek,Futura magazine No7, spring 2001

"Bioart?", Artzine-journal.com, text in English and Greek, issue 2

"Eduardo Kac interview", Artzine-journal.com, text in English and Greek, issue 3

Techniques of the influenced body / the body as an artistic oblect with political configurations. Artzine-journal.com, text in Greek, issue 4. [http://www.artzine-journal.com

E.Tzafestas,"Humans,Machines,Environments", interview in Greek, Futura magazine No7, spring 2001

-Leonardo, special edition, Eighth New York Digital Salon, issue 33 No 5, 2000. ("MIT PRESS, Web Sites." Leonardo, vol. 33, no. 5, 2000, pp. artisy430–433. JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/1576887. Accessed 2 Jan. 2021.)/ "Exhibiting Artists.MIT PRESS("Exhibiting Artists." Leonardo, vol. 33, no. 5, 2000, pp. 434–435. JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/1576888. Accessed 2 Jan. 2021.)

Futura magazine No8, spring 2002. [greek]

Futura magazine No8, spring 2002.(translated by Y. Melanitis from the english) -

"The bio-informational body, from digital to bio-information"

-"There is no pure nature", interview with Joe Davis [eng],

-"Ignorance is the danger ", interview with Marta Menezes

 -"Bioinformatics & Biocapitalism in the Race to Map to the Human Genome" by Eugene Thacker

-"A modus operanti for the artist", by Melanitis Yiannis

-"Romance, Supercodes, and the Milky Way DNA" by Joe Davis -

"GFP Bunny" by Eduardo Kac -

"Test tube Art" by Marta Menezes

Generative Art Conference paper proceedings, "Biological dynamics in performance space", Milano, December 2005



Books and essays on Y. Melanitis

Mind the Gap: La vita tra bioarte, arte ecologica e post internet,  Elena Giulia Rossi , (Italiano), Postmedia Books (24 ottobre 2020) /ISBN-10 : 8874902891/ISBN-13 : 978-8874902897

Christopher Coleman, http://www.digiart21.org/art/nature, 2020

Antibiologies, discussion with A. Kaniari [greek], 2020

Posthuman Summit, presentation on Leda Melanitis by Dr. Sozita Goudouna, New York University, Silver Center for Arts and Science., New York  2018

-BIOART, Bio Art: The Art of Life, by Seung-Chol Shin (in Korean, ISBN : 9788940805251)

Arte Transgenica. La vita è il medium, Mario Savini, Pisa University Press, ISBN 978-883339-0680, 09/2018

-Text, Code and the Arts of Bio-age/Ioannis Melanitis: Institutional Critique to Hospitality: Bio Art Practice Now. A critical anthology ed.by Assimina Kaniari, Athens: Grigori Publications [Εκδόσεις Γρηγόρη], Art history and theory 5, ISBN: 978-960-612-019-0, 2017.

"Art Tomorrow" by Edward Lucie-Smith, page 234 (Art and Science chapter), Pierre Terrail Editions, ISBN 2-87939-252- 7, October 2002.

Transgenic Art. The new nature as aestheticization of life,The New and History art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 Proceedings by Mario Savini, 2018

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LEONARDO. MIT, Review of Institutional Critique to Hospitality and Open Science: Singularity and Emergence, Charissa N. Terranova

Virtual storytelling: Using virtual reality technologies for storytelling: International conference ICVS 2001, Avignon, France, September 27-28, 2001: Proceedings. Berlin: Springer. /Balet, O., Subsol, G., & Torguet, P. (2001).



Books and Publications with texts by Y. Melanitis

Art, Civilization, Globalization, including the text by Yiannis Melanitis, "Modernity as leap into the void, text in Greek, edit. Papazisi. Athens 2005

«Handbook, Plans for interactive installations, page 43-45, edited by K. Daflos, editions Papasotiriou, Athens 2007. ISBN 960-630-994-0

Ontogenetic Art, ScienceArt, Moscow, First International Conference, Lomonosov Moscow University, 2012, ISBN 978-5-98540-031-1,


-Leonardo, special issue, Eighth New York Digital Salon, volume 33 No 5, 2000

-OZON magazine, No 8, April 2001

-"XOROS,issue 046, September 2003,page 23

-Highlights magazine , November 2004, issue 13 on "Technology", interview with Christina Polychroniadis, entitled "Bio-performance"

-GAP magazine, October 2005, "Yiannis Melanitis, The Diffusion of the Elements by N. Adamou



Selected Curatings

2009 Democracy in Motion, Athens School of Fine Arts, October 09/ Exhibition with Beuys multiples , works and performances from ASFA artists, [catalogue, 2009]

2009 "Joseph Beuys: Hellenic references in his art work", works from the Museum Schloss Moyland, Hellenic American Union of Greece, Athens , catalogue 9789608331716

2007 Dermatographies, group exhibition organized by Y. Melanitis and A. Karastergiou, A. Syggros Museum of Wax Moulages, Athens, (cat.English and Greek, 238 pages).

2006 In the Light of our Times, curating the group exhibition and participating with the work 'Prometheus at the Athens Academy', also with the curatorial text 'in the light of our times' , "Vosnia 2006

2002, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, for the 2nd International Conference "Ecological Dynamics and Human Nature-The risk of a mass extinction of life on the planet", at the section "Progress and Developments in Physical Sciences, Technology and Biology",

Stelarc in Athens,[catalogue in greek-english] , 1999



Workshop catalogues

Workshops at ASFA annexes :

Criss Cross , Hydra 2018

Subversion, Creta 2010


Delphi Ctoniche, Creta 2010,

Shimmer Hydra




TRANSGENIC ART, Mario Savini , Carmen Lorenzetti,Claudia Napolitano,Pisa University, 2020

Intuition Conference on Virual Reality, Athens 2007

Touch Terrain: A Participatory Kinesthetic / Synesthetic Environment, Yiannis Melanitis with Isabel Valverde "PUBLIC SCREEN" Thessaloniki 2007

2008, Nation Pinakotheck, Larissa, Public Screen

2001 Digital Media Festival, The Corredor Gallery, College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines ,October 1 - 14, 2001

2001, Flinders University in Adelaide, Drama Department



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Grands and Catalogue Grands:

1. 1st Greek Prize [EVGE Reward] for the catalogue Dermatographies, a catalogue for the exhibition at the Museum of Moulages, Syggros Hospital 2008

2. 1st Greek Prize [EVGE Reward] for his catalogue Dans Le Jardin d' Epicure/ Les elements comme des metaphors, a catalogue for his personal exhibition at HUG, Geneva, Switzerland, March 2006

3. European award for his catalogue Dans Le Jardin d' Epicure/ Les elements comme des metaphors, a catalogue for his personal exhibition at HUG, Geneva, Switzerland, March 2006

4.EuroMED Conference on Cultural Heritage Grand 2022, paper title: Digital Sculpture, ISBN 978-618-85119-1-0