Interactive installation with a computer that produces

dialectics in real time. An electronic Orator reconstructing

political arguements on the issues of Law and society.


Orator in computer
Installation, computer, code programming by V. Zoi, courtesy of the artist

Ρήτωρ σε υπολογιστή
Εγκατάσταση, υπολογιστής, προγραμματισμός Β. Ζώη









Inserting a human gene (artists‘ Melanitis Yiannis) in a butterfly (species: Leda Melanitis)


A work of inserting a human gene (artists‘ Melanitis Yiannis) in a butterfly (species: Leda Melanitis) Yiannis Melanitis's gene will be micro-injected into the butterfly named Leda Melanitis (the Common Evening Brown of the Containing group: Melanitini, Linnaeus 1758 ). The gene of the artist will be inserted in the genome of the butterfly which is sharing the same name.

Papers in pdf
Inserting_a_human_gene in a butterfly

Technical Analysis

Poster in pdf

  Interview to POSTINTERFACE MAGAZINE on Transgenic Leda Melanitis, AUGUST 2016




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ENTROPIA DEMOCRATIA installation, dimensions variable, private collection, 2014
ΕΝΤΡΟΠΙΑ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑΣ, μεταβλητές διαστάσεις, εγκατάσταση, ιδιωτική συλλογή, 2014






LOGOMECHANICS, DentalPistonius Orator, 2014, οil painting on prepared wood panel, 27 2⁄/3 x19 2/⁄3 in.
ΛΟΓΟΜΗΧΑΝΙΚΗ, Οδοντοπιστονιούχος Ρήτωρ, 2014, ελαιογραφία σε προετοιμασμένο ξύλινο πίνακα, 70Χ50 εκ.


latest : -KRYOGRAPHIA personal exhibition at Museu D. Diogo de Sousa, Braga, Portugal
-Probability to Justice Equation for Democracy
























Hermes as Christ's Resurrector, drawing for a print, ink on paper,2013, on 150 years of K. Cavafi 's birth (1863), referring to the poem "Myris", ISBN139789605040727, Nefeli editions, Athens
"Ερμής, Αποκαθηλωτής Χριστού", σχέδιο για ένα μονόφυλλο, μελάνη σε χαρτί, 2013, για τα 150 έτη από τη γέννηση του Κ.Καβάφη, εκδόσεις «Νεφέλη», 2013, επιμέλεια Θ. Μισιρλόγλου, Γ. Σαββίδης, ISBN13 9789605040727, εκδ. Νεφέλη


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